The Last Jedi?

And so it began. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi debuted to a full crowd by Rian Johnson, the director of the film, alongside the theater one-sheet poster.  The poster gives us all this information but with one small twist: the logo for Star Wars was in red rather than the classic yellow. Three […]

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Masculine, Feminine, and Myth

When The Force Awakens hit theaters, despite an overwhelmingly positive reception, it seemed to receive one very particular criticism. It was too much like the original Star Wars, enough so that some were accusing it of feeling like it was little more than a rehash. This  is interesting because the driving force behind Star Wars […]

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Another New Hope

Star Wars is an amazing fandom because the mythology is so grandiose that it allows for layered interpretations and numerous re-interpretations of characters and ideas. With the plethora of new material that is coming out, this creative license that fans take in interpreting the material is growing more and more by the minute. From the […]

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Let It Be, Let It Be

Other than Star Wars, my greatest worldly passion is health and fitness. Ergo, I pay attention to the heroes of the fitness world as I do the heroes of the Star Wars world. One of my favorite men in fitness is world champion bodybuilder Kai Greene, who has words that I think Star Wars fandom […]

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The Great Space Fantasy

There is a disturbance in the Force,and it mustn’t be ignored. New Star Wars is coming out via various mediums, which has the potential to rattle the fandom to its very core The history of Star Wars since the release of the original trilogy has been something that has brought about divisions. The new things […]

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The Han Solo Paradox

I creep silently around the corner of the Imperial safeguard. The forest moon of Endor is humid, and I feel the sweat creep down my face. Some of the droplets are from the water in the air, while some of the sweat is from the nervousness I feel. But hey, I am Han Solo, great […]

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Showdown at the Star Wars Saloon

  “The apprentice lives.”- Darth Vader   With that line, the Star Wars galaxy saw a monumental shift. Darth Vader, who’s greatest purpose in life is to extinguish any existence of Anakin Skywalker from the galaxy, knows that the apprentice of Skywalker, who arguably is his greatest failure, lives.   Going all the way back […]

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