An Open Letter to Darth Maul

Dear Maul,

You were not a good person. Let’s be honest, you just weren’t.  You killed a lot of innocents, you snuggled up to crime lords, and there is that whole dark side thing.

But I love you. Despite your evil intentions and eviler heart, I love you.

When I first met you, I was a mere nine years old and could not believe that there was more Star Wars. But it wasn’t just more Star Wars. It was butt kicking, lightsaber clashing, martial arts fueled awesomeness. And most of that is due to you.


Alas, your arrogance hurt you and you took little advantage of the high ground. I know you’d been waiting for this moment for your whole life, but really man? One quick lightsaber to the head and you’re probably running the galaxy in a few years. Instead, your life fell apart like your body.

Okay, that may have been a bit harsh. I mean, you did suffer years in a cave feeding only off your hatred. That’s punishment for deeds done if I have ever seen it. Thankfully, your roots were sown deep, and Mother Talzan sent your brother, Savage Opress, to rescue you. Quite the tandem you made! Intestinal fortitude, it takes, to match up with the two of you.


What I find more interesting than all of this is how you were able to stay singularly focused. It was always about the goal, and that is something I definitely look up to. Some people may question me looking up to such a vile being, but I’d argue that there is a redeemable bit inside everyone. That’s why Kenobi held you, giving you hope about The Chosen One in your last breaths.

Ah, Kenobi. Your story is not complete without him. Like Romeo and Juliet, but in a twisted way. He took your legs. You took his love. He took your life. But in the end, there was the respect, something else we can all learn from. Just as two fighters hug after beating each other to a pulp, I love that the two of you, after all the fighting and dirty deeds, could end it respecting each other.


I’m not sure what happens with you next. I don’t think the whole Force ghosty thing is in your future. Honestly, I don’t even know if the Force is in your future. Maybe you’re Snoke. But, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, I hope you find peace. For all your talking of vengeance and revenge, I think that is what you truly sought.



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