Star Wars Forces of Destiny: More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Bras will not be burned. Mostly because there are no bras in space. But the revolution will be televised (on YouTube and The Disney Channel) with the new micro-series, Forces of Destiny.

This series is beyond important. It is essential.

Why? Girls need role models. Boys need role models. The women of Star Wars can be that for both. The women of Star Wars can be that for all.


Unfortunately, we live in a society that does not always provide that. Girls are told to grow up and be strong, but the Kardashians latest exploits are all the rage. Boys are told to respect girls, yet they see NFL players get arrested for sexual assault and domestic abuse playing for millions the next Sunday. It becomes too confusing for these young folks to navigate. In fact, just yesterday I had a male student hit a female student on the backside with a jacket. He thought it was all in good fun, because that is what society shows him. It cannot be what the stories we tell, the stories of Star Wars, also show him.

It is time for change. Change is our destiny, and it has to happen now.

Throughout time, stories have held power. The Jews have the story of Hanukkah. Christians have the stories of Jesus. Greeks, Romans, Hindus, on and on and on, all built entire societies off of the power of stories. It holds, then, that our society will be built, or rebuilt, on stories. Star Wars can be those stories.


From the get go, with the phenomenal Princess Leia, Star Wars has existed as a beacon of light when it comes to positive female role models.Not only was she strong and independent, she stood up to the men. She did not back down. She showed women who they should be and men who they should seek out. She started a revolution.

Now we have Rey, Ahsoka, Jyn, Hera, and other strong females leading the charge. However, the important part has transitioned from what is was with Leia. It was important that she was a female who was strong. Now, the heroines are strong people who happen to be female. In fact, in their official press release, Lucasfilm does not even mention that the starring characters are female (“There’s never been an all-star lineup like this in any galaxy. Rey, Ahsoka Tano, Jyn Erso, Princess Leia, Sabine Wren, and other icons of a galaxy far, far away will take center stage…”).


I look up to Rey. I want to be Ahsoka. Their gender has never mattered to me. And it shouldn’t matter. What should matter is that they are great role models. Our kids will look up to them, aspiring to be them. They will learn from their mistakes and work to have their strengths. Stories have always given that. Destiny shall determine that it will continue to do so, in a far more powerful fashion than we could possibly imagine.

One thought on “Star Wars Forces of Destiny: More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

  1. I do agree on your point of young girls and boys having role models to look up to, however This series seems to solely exist to cater to young girls and to market toys. Don’t argue that it’s not feminism because it is, no more no less. I don’t mind female protagonist in Star Wars, as long as the character is good it shouldn’t matter however with a cast of all female characters it feels forced(pun intended). ahsoka has always been a personal fan favorite of mine as I grew up with clone wars series. There should be a balance between male and female characters, it should not be one over the other when it comes to mini stories like this. What of obi wans adventures on tattooin as a nomad or Rex’s stories throughout the galactic civil war? That combined with the very childish animation,makes it really difficult to take these stories seriously as part of the canon. But honestly your telling me that the epic tale of darth revan(“I’ve saved the republic twice before, I’ve fought mandalores and army’s of the dark side”) one of the most important stories within the Star Wars universe isn’t canon but this is? give me a break.


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