The Fool Who Leads

Let me show you a magic trick. Close your eyes and think of the worst boss you’ve ever had. Okay, now open them. Oh, yeah you probably did that already if you are reading this. But if you didn’t think of someone, seriously give it a go. Okay, now for the trick. I can name […]

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The Sounds of Ren

On recent episodes of “Star Wars Oxygen,” David W. Collins and Jimmy Mac have been discussing The Force Awakens soundtrack. First of all, if you’re not listening to “Oxygen,” I beg you to stop reading this and listen to the backlog. Then come back here and read this piece. While you will understand the following […]

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The Caves That Call Us

We have all had a time where we felt the darkest, most dangerous parts of our soul. A place where we knew the evil that had manifested itself somewhere in our subconscious had the potential to emerge. A place where we saw our own face from within Darth Vader’s mask. Our cave. Caves are a […]

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