Princess Leia: Chosen One?

Minor spoilers for From A Certain Point of View ahead.

It’s no big secret that Yoda needed some convincing to train Luke. The Jedi Master put up quite a fight in Empire Strikes Back to get out of it. What was a bit of a secret, until now, was that Yoda had actually planned on training Leia the whole time he was in hiding.

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Around the time the Death Star was destroyed, Yoda gives Obi-Wan’s Force ghost some good reasons why it should be Leia. Unlike childish Luke, Leia doesn’t crave adventure nor is she willing to hop from one project to the next. She has a clear vision for everything she wants, whether it’s for herself, her loved ones, or the galaxy as a whole. She never waivers in these visions. That alone isn’t all that impressive. What sets Leia apart is her drive to achieve each of these.

Leia has an unshakable commitment to making these things a reality. She’s been working with the Rebellion for three years at this point while still managing an outstanding political career. She has a deep devotion to not only her family, but those she serves. The people of Alderaan and those who suffer at the hand of the Empire have always come first.


Aside from all this, she has one of the most important qualities needed – a true, natural connection to the Force. Perhaps more so than Luke.

So it’s clear why Yoda would want to train Leia. She has everything needed.

1. Consistent end goals

2. Patience

3. Commitment to herself and others

4. Force sensitivity

On top of this, she’s arguably the bravest and smartest character we’ve seen.

So why would Obi-Wan ever think Luke should be the first choice for “savior of the galaxy?”

Well, on top of all these gifts Leia has that Luke doesn’t, she has one more. A father figure who she loves.

While Luke grew up with an overprotective uncle, Leia had a loving father who she looked up to. Even though she knew she was adopted, she valued their relationship the same way she would have had he been a biological father. When he was killed, she had the natural emptiness and hatred for his murderer that anyone would.

She would have killed Darth Vader as soon as she was ready.  And that isn’t the point of Star Wars. The entire point of the saga – original and prequel trilogies combined – is that no matter what, a person can be redeemed.


Look closer at Darth Vader’s chest plate and you’ll even see “His deeds will not be forgiven until he merits.”

Luke, for his many, many flaws, when put side-by-side with his sister, is deeply compassionate. He’s also spent his life asking questions about his father and given no answer. There was a hero-worship that caused the unnatural thought Luke has. Who else would learn Darth Vader was their father and think “he’s not all bad.”


If Leia had been given that news, it never would have faltered her consistent vision or commitment to others. She still would have destroyed him, causing the Emperor to continue his rule and the Force remaining unbalanced.

Leia seems like the obvious choice to be a Jedi, but her training would have enslaved the galaxy for generations. It also would have given us a story that contradicts everything Star Wars taught us.

One thought on “Princess Leia: Chosen One?

  1. Oddly I think it would be Obi-Wan who’d prefer a choice where the trainee would kill Vader without hesitation–he never believes there is any good to save and even after death, is telling Luke unless he kills his father, the Emperor has already won. Yoda is a great deal more equivocal on this point (he only says Luke must confront Vader, not that he must kill him.) Obi-Wan has be pushing the “your father is dead” and “he’s more machine now than man” narrative the whole time. Yoda is not thrilled with Luke taking off, but note that he never takes any issue with Luke once he’s come back and is mostly concerned that Luke wasn’t ready for the burden of that knowledge. I suspect Yoda feared Luke’s compassion might lead him to turn to the Dark Side, but that’s concern for Luke, not disappointment he’s not ready to go off and cold-bloodedly commit patricide. For all they’re trying with the new material to make Leia (alone with everything else female) the most perfect awesomest paragon ever, she is the one who always seemed more likely to give in to hate where Vader and the Emperor was concerned.


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