The Clashing Sabers Story

Although I know not where and when my fandom began, I do know that Star Wars has always been present in my life. I spent many a years reading the Young Jedi Knight adventures of Jacen and Jaina Solo, created scenes of my own with my action figures (which were stored quite orderly in my C3P0 talking case), and skipping school to watch Return of the Jedi (not something I encourage but I was a youngling).

Nowadays I have dedicated myself to use Star Wars to teach my fourth grade students. I am a rogue at Star Wars in the Classroom. Furthermore, I am actively taking in almost every form of canon Star Wars media being put out, from TV shows to comics to books, all the while reading other blogs I am a fan of and listening to Star Wars podcasts to stay abreast to what is happening in the Star Wars galaxy here and now.

But at some point, I just got tired of talking back to podcasts that couldn’t hear me. So now I am going to talk to an Internet that doesn’t hear me. And hopefully bring some of you along on the adventure…..

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