Rogue One Character Trips: Bodhi Rook

Bodhi Rook is probably the most severely lacking of a character arc and I was left wondering what his actual purpose was. I mean, I suppose he delivered the message…and fathered the Rogue Squadron, the same one that Luke Skywalker will be a part of a film later. But Bodhi is a very short-lived and underdeveloped character.

He spends the entirety of the first half of the movie being dragged from place to place with a bag over his head, tortured by Bor Gullet and then being left in a cell until the rest of the team arrives to get him out. On the ride to Eadu we find out that he was sent by Galen, who told him he could, “get right by himself,” if he believed in himself. Being a pilot in the Empire, we have a bit of an idea about what might have stirred into his mind, as we had a glimpse of another defection in “The Antilles Extraction” episode of Rebels.

One thing is clear: there is more to Bodhi then we know. 

Another defection is Finn himself in The Force Awakens, whose reasoning is extensively touched upon, whereas with Bodhi we can only guess. I personally would have loved to see him escape from the Empire, seeing as he was alone with just a message from Galen to keep him company, one can only imagine how stressful such a situation must be, and to only end up being a prisoner of the people you were searching for in the first place. I’m actually impressed with his strength.


Good thing the battle of Scarif can shine a light on his ingenuity in getting the crew on the surface of the planet and his overall knowledge of the place. He is a quick-thinker when all hell breaks loose and tricks the Imperial command into running around aimlessly and he clearly knows what he’s doing as opposed to the other rebels – the way he has to explain every little step towards plugging in to the communication tower gives me life. Sadly though, once his role is finished, he gets quickly blown up and the story of Bodhi Rook ends in fireworks.

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